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© 2020 by Harmonie Kinesiology and Breathwork

Ghislaine Bouskila | Sydney Australia



Offering non-invasive treatments to release and balance the body. Both Kinesiology and Rebirthing/Breathwork supports the bodies natural healing process and allows the individual to better understand themselves. 

Please note a cancellation fee of 50% may apply if less than 24 hours cancellation notice is given.


A non-invasive energetic healing science which uses muscle testing to monitor information about a person's wellbeing. The goal in a session is to identify the cause of an imbalance and to resolve it. It may be nutritional, emotional, structural, psychological, energetic or spiritual. 


The remarkable efficacy of Kinesiology lies in its ability to specifically trace the imbalance, identify where and why function is blocked and then facilitate a release that honours a person's own healing process.


Initial consultation: 1.5 hour $210

Following consultation: 1 hour  $160; 1.5 hour $210

Children consultation: 45min $90

Written reports for children assessments: $75

Teenagers: 1 hour $130

Skype sessions: 1 hour $160 Extended session 90 minutes $210

Conscious Energy Medicine 

Conscious Energy Medicine is my treatment brand. 

It is a blend of Kinesiology, Energy Medicine, Spiritual Psychology and Conscious Breathing. It is based on the premise that disease or unease come when there is separation. Separation from parts of ourselves, from others or from life itself.

Separation or trauma often happens at birth, pre birth or during the first 7 years of life.

Initial consultation: 1.5 hour $210

Following consultation: 1 hour  $160; 1.5 hour $210

Zoom sessions: 1 hour $160 Extended session 90 minutes $210

Rebirthing / Breathwork

A gentle yet powerful breathing technique that empowers us in developing awareness, self-observance and self responsibility. The conscious connected breath invites us to clear what is in the way of achieving our goals. It creates the time for someone to find his or her answers or truth.


The benefits are a feeling of wellbeing, freedom and a better understanding of ourselves.


2.5-3 hours, private session: $320

Group session (min 2pax)  $160 p.p.

Conscious Breathing Workshops (up to 6 people) $120 p.p.