Conscious Energy Medicine


Conscious energy Medicine is the Medicine of Love.

Unease or disease come when there is separation. 

Separation from who we are, from others or from the world.

Separation inevitably happens at birth. It leaves an imprint on our breathing pattern, on our nervous system, on our physiology and psychology. 


With each separation, there is a thought. 

Our thoughts are creative, they have an impact on our health.


With each separation, we let go of a part of ourselves. 

Our ability to love and receive love is compromised.


With each separation, we loose the connection with who we are.

Our life enjoyment is diminished, we loose direction and focus.


Kinesiology, Energy Medicine, Spiritual Psychology and Conscious Breathing used together with love, gentleness and awareness for

  • the healing of your Mind to create Peace, 

  • the healing of your Body to connect with your Truth

  • the healing of your Spirit to feel Presence 

  • the healing of your Soul to live in Grace.



All illness or disease come from a deep need of the soul to heal.

" Our soul needs love and the healing is to learn to reconnect with our heart, with the energy of love which is the most powerful and only real energy there is!"


~ Indigo Children ~

Conscious Energy Medicine is the result of my personal experience in healing from Chronic disease such as  Crohn's disease, Lyme Disease,  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Depression.
Being unwell for many years as pushed me to find answers in how to heal symptoms that were erratic and misunderstood by modern medicine. Illness became my Guru and taught me how to understand healing and the miraculous power of the body/mind system.
20 years of clinical practice using kinesiology, Rebirthing Breathwork, past life regression and many other modalities allowed me to see, aknowledge and witness our resilience and our willingness to heal. I developed reverence for the human spirit and admiration for the human heart.
My clients inspired me and in turn encourage me to know more, to understand better how to reconnect with our Original Nature, with the gifts we are born with.
Our immune system responds to the energy of love. Not being able to receive or to give love is at the source of our suffering. 
Our healing is not only ours but concerns our ancestors too as we have received their wounds of invalidation.
AWARENESS is the first step in healing and it is a quality to develop and nurture. Without awareness that you are out of balance there cannot be a conscious decision for transformation.
CONSCIOUS BREATHING is essential for transformation of mind, body and spirit. Rebirthing Breathwork is a technique that releases what is in the way of feeling and being at ease. It replaces toxines or negatives thoughts with new life.
KINESIOLOGY with its art of muscle monitoring, a biofeedback mechanism, will tell you the emotions, and the route to follow to reestablish homeostasis in the body. Understanding the root cause of an imbalance gives you the ability to hone the issue and to balance using the laws of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the principles of the movements of yin and Yang in the body through the elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood.
ENERGY MEDICINE is the understanding that you are energy beings and that as such the energy you are feeling can be shifted with loving and respectful habits. Changing the way you stand changes the message your nervous system receives.
SPIRITUAL PSYCHOLOGY helps debunk the thoughts or beliefs systems at the base of all body dysfunction. Thoughts are creative. Those residing in your subconscious mind may drive your lives in a direction you are not fully agreeing with.
Being aware of and transforming the thoughts or beliefs which are holding you back will lift your spirit, your energy for life.
Conscious Energy Medicine works on slowing down the over activated nervous system so that you can take time to live the life you were always hoping for. 
It heals the child in you, its woundings by learning to acknowledge your feelings and to liberate the creative, loving energy which may have left you along the way.
Conscious Energy Medicine is a simple, grounding therapy to recover your Original Nature and  to enjoy the gift of being alive.
It is learning patience, authenticity and love to appreciate who you really are, therefore creating peace within and without.

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