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Ghislaine Bouskila | Sydney Australia




~ Indigo Children ~

My Journey



I do not think there is anytime to be wasted on being unwell and nowadays there are so many tools and helping hands to help us deal with our discomfort or dis-ease. As the Indigo children say: Now is the time and love is the way! (Reference to James Twyman’s work with the Indigo Children)



I have began my journey many years ago with the study of Feng Shui, the Chinese philosophy of the Art of Placement for your living or working space. Consulting for friends, family and clients I couldn’t help noticing that their home was indeed a reflection of their inner state of being and that much progress could be made by harmonising the “Chi” the benevolent energy that is within and this will be reflected without, in their lives. Indeed our life is a reflection of our beliefs and mainly those that we are not aware we have.



Comes a time when you realise that your life could be improved on a little or a lot. For some it comes through an unease and for others through a disease.
The first powerful tool I came across was Rebirthing Breathwork. It is a very scary name for the gentlest technique that I have ever experienced. I loved it straight away and I loved how it transformed my life. I decided that I needed to share this process and studied the 600 plus hours it took to become a practitioner. A marvellous journey! Go to the page for more information on how you can clear yourself of unwanted unconscious beliefs!
My son's teacher asked me to take him to an Educational Kinesiologist because he was not “fitting in” . What a discovery it was to see that we could access all sorts of information in the body through Muscle Monitoring. Our body is indeed amazing and works like a computer. It knows exactly what it needs to reach homeostasis and kinesiology can precisely access that information. I definitely jumped in for my own healing and studied and studied… I am now a Registered Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner.


On my quest to regain health and healing I also have benefited from other processes such as Past Life Regression, Prime Tuning of Cells, Organ Regeneration or Integrated Touch Balance. I have integrated those processes into my practice. What really worked for me is what in turn I offer my clients.
As for most of us, my life has been rich in experiences. My body has been expressing the challenges through illness.
As a teenager, I suffered from Crohn’s Disease, as a mother, from post natal depression then chronic fatigue to only realise a mere 30 years later that the real culprit was in fact Lyme disease.
I pay particular attention to the health of our digestive system, understanding that our microbiome is responsible for our immune system and therefore our life force. Nothing in our body or in our life will work out of ease unless we also address our bio chemistry, which starts in the digestive system and is influenced by worms, fungi, yeast, parasites, viruses, heavy metal and our thoughts and belief systems, conscious and sub conscious.
How can you digest life and its trials if you don't have a strong digestion? Our ability to absorb and utilise our physical and mental/emotional nourishments will have a direct consequence on the quality of our life.
The nervous systems has a direct influence on our hormonal system which in turn directs how we feel and how equiped we are to respond and to see the choices we can make to improve the quality of our experiences.
BrainGym(r) is a fabulous tool to influence our brain chemistry and help produce the neurotransmitters necessary for mental and physical health and to create choices and new possibilities.
Today, we are faced we many debilitating symptoms such as depression, insomnia, addictions, anxiety, asthma and other upper respiratory tract infections; Allergies; Thyroid and  kidney dysfunctions; Anaemia, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, Arthritis and chronic diseases such as cancer, lupus,  MS, Lyme disease and its co-infections as well as autism and its spectrum of symptoms and all eating disorders.
The health  of our gut is primordial in keeping us healthy as well as the health of our thoughts, it is all linked and it is impossible to gain health and vitality working on just one level. The physical symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg, the healing needs to take place on the emotional, mental and spiritual level
And this is what we do at Harmonie Kinesiology and Breathwork. We are based in Sydney and our speciality is the profound healing of the body, mind and soul. 
The body is amazing, it is programmed for healing and all that is needed is to understand the reason for the imbalance. We can then start the healing process and the body does the rest, naturally!